Equity Release

As Independent Financial Advisers we are able to advise you on the various ways, clients over 55 years of age, can release funds from the equity held in their property, and research the market for the best plan for you.

What is Equity Release?

It is simply a term that is used for clients usually over 55 years releasing the equity that has built up in their property. By releasing the equity it allows you to benefit in many ways from the value in our property either as a lump sum, as income or as a combination of both, whilst you are able to continue to live in your property.

Examples of the uses of equity release are:-

  • Extra funds to maintain your standard of living
  • Improve your home
  • Pay for holidays
  • Major purchases such as a caravan or holiday home

We have a wealth of experience working with the over 55’s. We research all the providers’ plans who offer equity release and source and provide you with the information which allows you to consider your options and help you make an informed choice and select the best plan for you based on your needs, circumstances and preferences.

There are two types of Equity Release, “Lifetime Mortgages” and “Home Reversion”.

A lifetime mortgage means you retain the ownership of your property. You continue to live in your property until the last individual dies or goes into residential care. You do not have to make any monthly repayments or you can chose to make monthly payments during the lifetime of your mortgage.

With a Home Reversion plan, you sell all or part of your property. No interest payments are made. You can continue to live in the property until the last individual dies or goes into a care home (as a qualifying termination event). You may however have to pay rent on the portion sold.

When considering Equity Release, consideration should be given to other available options such as:-

  • Consideration of conventional Mortgage as an alternative
  • Sell up and trade down, or live with children or other relatives
  • Selling and renting
  • Local authority or other grants
  • Take out a lifetime mortgage; or
  • Sell part of all of the property to a home reversion plan provider.


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A lifetime mortgage can quickly erode the remaining equity and as a result the value of the estate and deprive beneficiaries of expected wealth.

It is advised that customers seek Independent Legal advice before entering into a legally binding equity release contract. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate legal services.

equity release may require a lifetime mortgage or home reversion plan. to understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.

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